This Is Me

YNK (pronounced ‘ink’)

Cornish for INK

Thanks for joining me!

As I begin my journey with YNK, I thought it polite to introduce myself, my company and the drive behind this little venture.

So, in brief, my name is Charlotte, and I live in beautiful Cornwall, in the UK.  Hi!

I am married to a very wonderful man who is incredibly tolerant of my many ongoing schemes, projects and wild ideas.

I have two marvelous children who astound me every day with their love of life, and their hatred of sleep.  

I am in a fairly serious relationship with instant coffee (see above point).

I love all things creative, literary and enterprising.  I also like power tools but my aforementioned spouse invariably puts his foot down on this subject.

YNK is a melting pot of many projects I’ve half-started, planned or dreamt about over the last few years.  

It is also a bid to find a happy career that fills my creative cup whilst supporting my family, the challenges of which I will be documenting along the way on this blog.

My aim is for YNK to be fluid and flexible, to adapt to new challenges and inspiration as it develops.  However, every empire (?!) must have definitive foundations, and these are mine, to start with:

  • Natural, candid portrait photography 
  • Original content and copy for websites, marketing agencies and magazines
  • A design service to bring the above two elements together in a variety of mediums

I will be blogging in more detail as I go, and I hope it will provide an interesting ‘behind the scenes’ view point into a start up business and a (probably scary) insight into my creatively frazzled little brain.

I’d love you to join me for the ride!